#GigiWatch: @SenThomTillis Opposes the Anti-Copyright Activist for FCC

Gigi and the Rent Seekers get the band back together

Senator Thom Tillis has been a good friend to artists and those who care about artist rights. He’s gone way out of his way to hold hearings on how to make copyright law better.

It’s no surprise then that he opposes Gigi Sohn’s nomination. Gigi has been on the wrong side of every artist rights issue since I first ran across her in 2006. And it’s not just that she was on the wrong side, she opposed us joyously, whistling while she did her dirty work with what I perceived to be a kind of sick euphoria like some other people I could think of who got themselves sideways with at least one judge.

Gigi Sohn has managed to get herself sideways with a bunch of Senators and Senator Tillis makes the case for why she should not be confirmed. This is not a partisan issue. She lacks the temperament to be a diligent public official–because there is absolutely nothing in her background that suggests she intends to be one. She brings an agenda that she intends to shove down everyone else’s throat.

Don’t we have enough going on? America needs unifiers, not Fifth Columnists working to advance the agenda of Big Tech. I know that all the little Public Knowledge acolytes have their hair on fire because she’s the first of their group to be up for a big government job and if she goes down, they will likely go down, too. This is what happens with mean spirited virtue signaling is turned into a way of life and funded by the biggest corporations in commercial history who just happen not to be the hated banks but are way more powerful.

It’s not personal–I wouldn’t want some loudmouth music lawyer or brittle vindictive industry lobbyist coming out of the shade thinking they should have a confirmable government job. Those types are equally ill-suited.

Not to worry, though, the grundoons and schmendricks at the Big Tech “public advocacy” shilleries will outlast us all, just like the cockroaches if cockroaches got the Google money. There will be plenty of roles for them to play in advancing the Silicon Valley agenda, just not at the confirmable level for they really should all be unconfirmable. There’s a reason why Ms. Hesse was always the “acting” head of the DOJ Antitrust Division. She could do plenty damage, so don’t feel bad.

It’s just another day in the Goolag. Tote that barge, lift that bale.