@JonesJourno: A male-dominated team does not reflect society’: why are only 5% of music producers women?

A good music producer facilitates a studio environment that allows an artist to plunge into the depths of their soul, and cleverly shapes the sound of their music – a bad one, meanwhile, can halt a promising career. But in 2023, 70 years on from the dawn of rock’n’roll, this tremendous power still lies in the hands of an overwhelming majority of men.

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@jonesjourno: How Can We Attract More Women To The Music Industry?

recent UK Music study revealed that while the gender balance in the music industry looks good at entry-level, the same can’t be said for the upper echelons. According to the report, spanning 3,000 people that work in the UK music business, 60% of interns and 54% of the 25 – 34 age group are female, but just 30% of senior executive roles are occupied by a woman. Has the industry got a problem when it comes to promoting and maintaining female talent? That and more was discussed at the Association of Independent Music’s Women in Music event in London last week, where executives and creatives shared experience and advice.

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