@sutterink: Kurt Sutter Slams Google, Argues for DMCA Update

So, there I was just enjoying a little downtime, reading a draft of my new Mayan project… and shmuudd! The awful sound of rhetorical shit hitting an unsuspecting wall. And the fecal fact slinger, praying that some of his bombastic slop sticks – Mr. Marvin Ammori, the pay-for-play lawyer, who waves his quest for liberty banner with one hand, while the other collects big checks from Google.

Once again, Marv is shilling for Uncle Goog, trying to crush our efforts to secure protection for our creative content. And it’s a tactic that dates back to carny hucksters and snake oil salesmen; the same one perfected by Big Tobacco and the fucking Third Reich. Make bold, hyperbolic declarations of speculative facts in an effort to stir fear and anger. Hoping the emotionality will distract an audience from actually inquiring or caring about the truth.

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