@sealeinthedeal Calls out Facebook/Meta Press Release on Their Own Wonderfulness

@andreworlowski: “President Zuck” Fundraiser Opens for Business–“I’m Commander-in-Chief, bitch!”


A fundraising vehicle to help get the world’s fifth richest man Mark Zuckerberg elected as President of the United States will now take your money.

The Super Political Action Committee (PAC) is called (inevitably) ‘Disrupt for America‘ and describes itself as “a progressive advocacy group focused on pragmatic, grassroots activism with an emphasis on social media, organized assembly, and open discourse and debate.”

These particular ‘progressives’ are a forgiving lot: Zuckerberg’s early business card at Facebook gave his job description as “I’m CEO, bitch”, and the frat boy culture manifested itself early on, according to former employees.

But that’s all water under the bridge now.

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@musictechpolicy: Jean-Michel Jarre Identifies the Value Transfer

“The biggest flaw I want to highlight today is what is known as the “transfer of value” or the “value gap.” To survive and thrive, creators must be fairly paid for their works. Yet today, some of the world’s major digital music services are building large businesses on back of creativity while paying next to nothing in return. This is not fair. It is a market distortion. And it is holding back growth in the creative sectors.”

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@DavidIsraelite: It’s Time for Facebook to Accept Songwriters’ Friend Request

[Editor Charlie sez:  NMPA CEO David Israelite on trying to deal with Facebook the massive infringer.]

Facebook was built on sharing.

One of the most commonly shared things on Facebook is music. Specifically, covers of songs. Fan versions of hits have produced some of today’s biggest stars, but — there’s one problem, Facebook hasn’t licensed with any of the publishers who represent the songwriters behind that music. With views in the millions, it’s time for Facebook to answer songwriters’ friend request and properly license their platform. Otherwise, it may find itself de-friended by the music industry.

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@songfreedom: Stop Blaming the Victims of Facebook’s Blatant Copyright Theft: Ari Herstand: you’re dead wrong about Facebook

After reading Ari Herstand’s tirade against Universal Music Publishing Group (and other rights owners by association) several thoughts came to mind.  In fact, many of those same thoughts have been voiced by several others in the comment threads following that article.

While Ari is typically a great advocate for artists, he has this one wrong and just plain backwards.

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