Orlowski: Hey, YouTube: Pay your ‘workers’ properly and get with the times

In the future, everyone is an expendable independent contractor trading labor value for a chance at the YouTube lottery to be replaced as soon as possible by robots.  (Just like Uber and Lyft.)

YouTube is the world’s most popular music service, but it pays out the least. That’s because its owner Alphabet (aka Google) has been able to take advantage of a copyright loophole to squeeze rates down to a fraction of what Apple and Spotify pay out. The loophole allows Google to legitimately maintain what is ostensibly an illegal supply chain of uploaders: an ethically dubious option not available to other music services.

After praising YouTube for its “innovation” (what “innovation”? – ed) [BPI head Geoff] Taylor called for the safe harbour UGC loophole to be plugged and for Google and other players to commit to an ethical fair payments framework.

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