Save the date June 15: @A2IM Indie Week Panel with @MusicTechPolicy on the Impact on Indie Labels of Unfreezing Mechanicals —

ARW readers in NYC may want to see Chris Castle speaking on June 15 at Indie Week on the impact on indie labels of the CRB raising the statutory mechanical rate.

Save the date: A2IM Indie Week Panel on the Impact on Indie Labels of Unfreezing Mechanicals — Music Technology Policy

The latest toad I found in the Music Modernization Act is a new burden the MMA places on all sound recording owners, large and small, to help the digital services comply with their obligation to locate song copyright owners in order for the services to keep the new “reachback” safe harbor.

via The Music Modernization Act’s New Burdens for Labels Identifying Unmatched Songs — Music Tech Solutions

@A2IM CEO Richard Burgess Calls Out YouTube’s Lyor Cohen

[In response to Lyor Cohen’s blog post, ‘Five observations from my time at YouTube’]

I applaud and second Cary Sherman’s “Five Stubborn Truths…” response as well as Irving Azoff and David Israelite’s later comments.

Here is an independent label perspective.

Dear Lyor,

Many of us hope that you will be able to change the culture at YouTube to become more artist friendly and transparent. We understand that it takes time to shift corporate culture especially one as established as Google’s. Unfortunately, there are some entrenched alternative facts that are repeatedly regurgitated by YouTube and need to be corrected.

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@a2im: Serious Counterfeit Product Alert

ATTN: Serious Counterfeit Product Alert

Posted on October 18th, 2016 by A2IM

It has come to our attention that there is a serious counterfeit operation selling large numbers of CDs via Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) system.

It appears that this product is manufactured in China, but is almost indistinguishable from the genuine article to the extent that even the legitimate manufacturer cannot tell without very close examination.

The pirates are pricing slightly below the legitimate product and getting the “buy box” on Amazon. This enables them to take over sales, leaving the real thing on Amazon’s shelves and depriving artists, writers, labels, publishers, and distributors of any revenue from those sales.

Please note: The counterfeiter seems to be targeting fast moving recent releases and is able to bring illicit copy CDs to market within about two weeks of release date.

If you identify any product as counterfeit, please notify us immediately and retain any evidence.

If the label or distributor uses their copyright tool, Amazon will remove the fake product, but they only remove each SKU as it is reported leaving that pirate store’s other counterfeit releases up for sale.

It is worth noting that Amazon groups all products with the same UPC in the same bin, so product bought through the counterfeiter’s stores might result in legitimate product being delivered to the customer but the money will go to the counterfeiters.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing how this works:

Here you can see the seller is CALLAway in the buy box. The counterfeiters are using multiple store names.


Here you can see how they are an FBA seller. By undercutting legitimate inventory by $0.04 they are getting the buy box ensuring the legitimate product remains on Amazon’s shelves.

Again, if you identify any product as counterfeit, please notify us immediately and retain any evidence.

Here is a list of stores that are believed to be selling counterfeit product but they change names regularly:

See A2IM site for updated list of traffickers.