Desperate times for YouTube. CEO Susan Wojcicki is currently organizing a Childrens Crusade, against EU MEPs by urging YouTubers (mostly US teens) to “take action” to protect her $772 billion dollar company’s swollen profits. You see the EU just proposed guidelines (article 13) requiring platforms like YouTube to stop hiding behind its users and pay musicians […]

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Now I never said that Music Modernization Act was a self-licking ice cream cone. That was someone else.

The Google “license” in the MMA on pre-72 recordings allows a sound recording owner of a pre-72 recording to approve or disapprove a request for a noncommercial use of that recording.  However ridiculous this whole thing is, it is the law, so we must deal with it.  We will have more to say about the proposed regulation in coming days, but a couple points jump right out–most importantly, the obligation on the user to clear the song in the recording before burdening either the Copyright Office or the sound recording copyright owner with a no-money clearance request.

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@MusicTechSolve: Rut Roh: Led Zeppelin’s Free Agency Streaming Service

In the middle of what I think is a lot of hot air about Spotify becoming a threat to record companies–almost always a story promoted either by stock analysts who don’t know a trap case from a coke spoon or by overpaid Spotify executives–comes a very interesting story.  According to Digital Music News, Led Zeppelin may be about to launch its own streaming service.

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Current Version of Music Modernization Act

Editor Charlie sez:  The current version of the Music Modernization Act can be found here.  Don’t ask–there’s some parliamentary reason why it’s now got a different bill number (HR 1551)  and has a weird title (“To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the credit for production from advanced nuclear power facilities”).

Disregard the nuke references, this is the “engrossed amendment” of the MMA.