MLC Announces Five Open Jobs and Confirms Intended Nashville Office

The MLC issued a press release confirming they intend to look for office space in Nashville (which “news” had been in their 2018 initial filing with the Copyright Office and budget proposal to the music users that pay for their operations).

In what will be great news to fans of Ralph Peer, WSM, Castle Recorders and the Grand Ole Opry, The MLC  press release tells us that “Now [that God has given us The MLC] Nashville isn’t just the hub for the creative part of the music business, [it’s] the hub of administration for licensing and payment of royalties.”  However did Nashville get by before?  Bless their hearts.

While the specific office location of the Nashville headquarters has not yet been chosen [after two years], The MLC [sic] anticipates having office space somewhere within close proximity to the downtown metro area and Music Row neighborhood, recognizing the importance of a central location to attract diverse talent [and pay the highest rents possible]. The company is in the process of hiring approximately 75 employees in the coming months, most of whom will be based at the Nashville headquarters. View current career opportunities with The MLC.

Save you a trip, there’s five open jobs on that link.  Presumably the other 70 jobs haven’t been posted yet.  The unanswered question is whether The MLC will build, buy or rent given the millions they just got.

If you know somebody who knows somebody, we hear there are architectural plans available in case you want to measure the drapes.  Which necessarily will come before the first royalty statement is processed in the time of the pandemic.  And there’s no press release about that event, but given that they have the money and are hiring, why would they ever miss their statutory start date of January 1, 2021–242 days from today in the countdown to modernity?