@technology: Google Finds Cheap Way Out of Multibillion-Dollar ‘Wi-Spy’ Suit

[Editor Charlie sez: Google is funneling money to Public Knowledge in this settlement in the same cy pres scam they have run countless times and that is the very money funnel recently discredited by the U.S. Supreme Court.]

Street View Cy Pres PK

Google is poised to pay a modest $13 million to end a 2010 privacy lawsuit that was once called the biggest U.S. wiretap case ever and threatened the internet giant with billions of dollars in damages.  [Read the settlement court filing here.]

The settlement would close the books on a scandal that was touched off by vehicles used by Google for its Street View mapping project. Cars and trucks scooped up emails, passwords and other personal information from unencrypted household Wi-Fi networks belonging to tens of millions of people all over the world.

The debacle became known as “Wi-Spy,” and it caused almost as much of an uproar as Facebooks’s more recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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