Must Read: @RobertBLevine_: Karyn Temple Appointed United States Register of Copyrights @CopyrightOffice

[This is great news in a week of great news for copyright.  You couldn’t ask for a better person in the job.  My cup runneth over…]

Karyn A. Temple has been appointed Register of Copyrights, a job she has held on an acting basis for two and a half years. The announcement, made March 27 by Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, will end years of debate about the appropriate way to fill the country’s top copyright job — at least for now.

Temple, who worked as Associate Register of Copyrights from 2013 until she became Acting Register, is generally seen as being evenhanded on the kinds of intellectual property issues that have become contentious in the digital age. She steps into the Register job at a time when the Copyright Office, which she will run, is in the midst of a pair of important studies and will soon choose who will run the licensing collective mandated to collect mechanical royalties under last year’s Music Modernization Act.

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