@TomJackmanWP: Trump signs ‘FOSTA’ bill targeting online sex trafficking, enables states and victims to pursue websites

[Odd coincidence, Congress finally cuts back CDA 230 safe harbor that protected Google while promoting sex trafficking on the same day that Congress passed the new MMA safe harbor that protects Google while profiting from infringement.  Just another day in Washington…]

President Trump signed a bill Wednesday that gives federal and state prosecutors greater power to pursue websites that host sex-trafficking ads and enables victims and state attorneys general to file lawsuits against those sites….

The bill, nicknamed “FOSTA” for its title, “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act,” goes into effect immediately, but its impact was already being seen around the Internet as sites shut down sex-related areas and stopped accepting sex-related advertising….

Civil liberties advocates attacked the bill as too broad, creating new liability for websites that had previously been protected by the Communications Decency Act for content posted by third parties. A number of websites, including Craigslist, began shutting down sections that might be construed as sex-related after the bill passed the Senate last month, and Wagner said online sex-related advertising revenue had declined 87 percent in the past 60 days, roughly when her bill passed the House.

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