@davidclowery: Gone Phishing: UN “Official” Uses Lookalike Website in Attempt to Block Anti-Piracy Law

David Kaye is a professor of law at University of California Irvine. He is also some sort of low grade UN Human rights official. He has fancy stationery with an address in Switzerland that says so. Isn’t that precious.

This UN title and fancy stationery apparently allows him to treat our closest ally and neighbor to north like they have some kind of hick country bumpkin government. You see, he sent a letter (on behalf of the UN?) which accuses Canada (of all countries) violating human rights by simply considering an anti-piracy law!  Of course our fearless low grade UN official has probably sent many many sternly worded letters to real authoritarians as well. I just can’t seem to find them.

The law in question is a rather non-controversial law. The proposed statute is very similar to those that have  been successfully applied in at least half a dozen vibrant European democracies.  Did Kaye send Germany or UK similar letters? No. I wonder why that is? MaybeBecause those countries copyright authorities aren’t gonna put up with nonsense like this from freelancing low grade UN official that is 4 years into a 3 year term?  Looks like Kaye just thought he could get away with it with Canada.  Get away with it?  Yes.  All dishonesty explicitly intended. Essentially the letter by David Kaye is just a phishing scam that relies on the Canadian Government mistaking a bootleg UN lookalike website for the real thing. Because Kaye thinks Canada is stupid? Because Kaye’s buddy, Micheal Geist, Canada’s greatpetty copyright “expert” put him up to it?  It should be noted that Geist has demonstrated a penchant for ghost writing. But I digress.

Follow along closely. This story will blow your mind.

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