hypebot: What is the Music Modernization Act and Who Supports It?

[Editor Charlie sez:  Hypebot is carrying a must-read week-long feature presenting both sides of the Music Modernization Act entitled “Music Modernization Act: Peril or Promise”.  The first installment gives an overview of the bill and a headcount of who supports it.]

It would be easy to believe that the Music Modernization Act has universal support. Twenty-three major music industry trade groups and companies have endorsed the MMA, including the RIAA, A2IM, NMPA, BMI, ASCAP and SoundExchange. The Internet Association which represents Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify and more that thirty other major tech companies has also signed on. Even the National Association Of Broadcasters, which initially opposed the legislation, has  announced its support, after meetings with the performing rights organizations.

“The recorded music industry speaks with one voice in support of the Music Modernization Act and to further rationalize copyright law.,” said A2IM CEO Richard James Burgess. “This legislation brings us one step closer to our goal of creators and copyright owners being compensated fairly for all uses of their work. We urge Congress to move forward on these important reforms, to seek market rates for all music streaming, and to demand that American artists be paid for terrestrial radio performances.”

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.”

But support for the Music Modernization Act is not universal.

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