Courtney Sosnowski: Baylor music students aid high school struggling to come back after Harvey

Baylor University Music Educators Association students decided to aid a Houston area high school following the devastating flooding of Hurricane Harvey. Through “Project Sunshine,” a name chosen to combat all the rain and clouds Houston has recently received, the accosiation is collecting funds for music students at Kingwood High School.

“The music programs in any public schools in Texas are going to have probably the least amount of funding out of everything which is unfortunate,” said College Station senior Kelsey Kipp, the president of the group. “With a choir classroom … you have sheet music and your voice and it’s pretty easy to put that together. But whenever it comes to band and orchestra, you have instruments and like the biggest thing they lost in the flooding was instruments.”

Kingwood High School received 5 feet of water on its campus, and the water sat in the building for several days. As a result, the students have relocated about 30 minutes away to Summer Creek High School for the 2017-2018 school year.

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