@gamoid: Google will permanently disable a control on its new $50 speaker after the gadget listened in on some users

Google is permanently disabling a feature on the forthcoming Google Home Mini smart speaker after a reviewer discovered that it was surreptitiously recording his conversations without his knowledge or consent.

The issue, Google says, was that the button on top of the device was faulty and would sometimes activate on its own. In response, Google acknowledged the bug and issued a software update that would disable that button for all users while it explored a long-term fix.

Now that change will be permanent.

Read the post on Business Insider

[Editor Charlie sez:  It’s not the first time…]

“Google Wants to Make Creepy Bunny Rabbits to Talk to Your Kids” https://qz.com/410122/google-wants-to-make-creepy-bunny-robots-to-talk-to-your-kids/

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