[How many stream ripped tracks are on streaming services and have address unknown NOIs?]

Good news for rights-holders: the world’s most popular online tool for ‘stream ripping’ audio from YouTube is shutting down following a legal battle with US recorded music body the RIAA.

YouTube-MP3.org (‘YouTube to MP3) was taken to court by a coalition of the major record labels last year.

Now, according to a proposed final judgment filed at the District Court of the Central District of California on Friday (September 1), it’s the end of the road for the site – which attracts  over 60 million users each month.

The proposed settlement, which appears to have been agreed by both sides, would see YouTube-MP3.org owner Philip Matesanz stump up a fee for the plaintiffs.

In addition, Matesanz would be barred from ever operating YouTube to MP3 – or any stream-ripping portal – again, while ownership of the site’s domain would transfer to a party of the RIAA’s choosing….

Matesanz will also be legally banned from any form of future copyright infringement involving the majors’ repertoire – as well as “knowingly designing, developing, offering, or operating any technology or service that allows or facilitates the practice commonly known as ‘streamripping’”.

You can download the full proposed settlement document through here.

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