Cannes, France – 8th June 2017,

The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) and the Independent Music Publishers Forum (IMPF) held their 2nd Annual Indie Music Publishers Breakfast today at The Grand Hotel at MIDEM 2017.

After an unexpectedly large turnout at last year’s inaugural indie breakfast event, the organizations felt that the gathering struck a chord with attendees and that it must become an annual event.  Michael Eames, President of AIMP, commented, “It is clear that there is a great need for independent publishers worldwide to gather and share their issues and concerns and how they can solve them together.”  Pierre Mossiat, President of IMPF said , “Independent music publishers are at the heart of the music industry and yet are amongst the most vulnerable due in large part to the protection offered by safe harbour to what are some of the biggest companies in the world; safe harbour has in effect breached the moral and economic rights of our authors and composers”, he added. Today’s event attracted some 140 publishers, writers and guests who were welcomed in short speeches by Pierre Mossiat (IMPF President), Michael Eames (AIMP President), Rolf Budde (IMPF Vice President) and Teri Nelson Carpenter (AIMP Vice President).

The AIMP and the IMPF are committed to highlighting and addressing the unique needs and challenges of independent music publishers worldwide.  Especially in the ever-expanding world of digital music and streaming, it is of great importance to ensure that indie publishers and the thousands of songwriters worldwide that they represent are paid fair rates for the use of their music and are treated with parity with their major multinational colleagues.


About AIMP

The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) was formed in 1977 by a group of Los Angeles music publishers, and has local chapters in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. The organization’s primary focus is to educate and inform music publishers about the most current industry trends and practices by providing a forum for the discussion of the issues and problems confronting the music publishing industry.

The AIMP provides a unique medium for those in the music industry to discuss with their colleagues various points of view from the cutting edge of the ever-changing music business. The opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with others on issues of mutual concern is fostered by the informal atmosphere of the AIMP’s monthly meetings, forums, and workshops.

The AIMP includes in its membership not only independent music publishers, but those publishers that are affiliated with record labels or motion picture and television production companies. In addition, individuals from other areas of the entertainment community, such as motion picture, television, multimedia and home video producers, the record industry, music licensing and supervision, songwriters, artist managers and members of the legal and accounting professions are active in the AIMP.


About IMPF

IMPF represents small and medium sized independent music publishing companies worldwide and serves as a network and meeting place for indies. Its main objectives are to share experiences and best practices in music publishing; exchange information on the legal framework and music publishing environment; coordinate actions and support projects relevant to composers and music publishers; represent the interests of the independent music publishing community globally; and stimulate a favorable environment for artistic, cultural, linguistic and commercial diversity.