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@AlexiMostrous: UK Election Campaign Videos Pulled From YouTube Hate Channels

[Editor Charlie sez–oopsie!  Now there’s a safe harbor!  Looks like Google didn’t “fix” their rev share deals with ISIS.  Remember this one?]


Britain’s three main political parties pulled out of YouTube last night after The Times revealed that their campaign adverts were promoted next to videos of Islamic extremists.

The decision, taken less than 48 hours before the general election, came after the adverts were found playing before YouTube videos of hardline preachers such as Khaled al-Rashed, a Saudi cleric who appears to have called for Allah to “eliminate” non-Muslims.

Election adverts for Labour and the Lib Dems also ran on a YouTube channel created by a supporter of Islamic State. Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, was pictured above the supporter’s profile picture, an image of the terror group’s black flag.

YouTube removed the profile only when contacted by this newspaper.

Read the post on The Times of London

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