@tessamakeslove: Would everybody just f*ck off about the beauty of begging?

‘Patreon doesn’t solve every problem. But it’s well positioned to help boost better content online because it rewards creators’ ability to stir passion and interest among their audiences.’ (from Want a Better Web? Here’s an Idea: Pay for It)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, another brilliant paradigm that is going to save us from ourselves.

Once again, I am tempted to mix dry analysis with existential feeling because it is the easiest way to understand how we ended up in this mess.

Beauty of begging, sold to us as something romantic and newly brilliant: We are back to the Middle Ages where creative professionals–um, troubadours–were whores and marginalized individuals. Except now, between the troubadour and the generous peasants, there is a clever middleman who makes money on bulk.

And of course, said middleman says that it’s an actual business model. And fine. If the service were sold to us a financial tool getting a cut, and a financial tool only, it would be fair enough. But all the fuzzy language, all the treacherous branding, my God, I am going to come!

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