@vickbain: YouTube Must Not Be Allowed to Benefit from “Legalised Piracy” on an Unimaginable Scale


[Editor Charlie sez: Vick Bain is CEO of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA). Entirely made up of songwriter and composers, BASCA’s membership includes everyone from Sir Paul McCartney to Sir Elton John and Kate Bush.]

Creators are now all around us, producing user generated content (UGC) that has the potential to reach a global audience. In many cases this is the work of children and enthusiastic amateurs annexing the creativity of others.

But today’s songwriters and composers earn a ton of money from UGC platforms now, right? They’re all rich aren’t they?

Google tells us so. YouTube has saved us all from piracy. Hurrah!

What are we all complaining about?

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