@hitsdd: In Other News, Today is Wednesday

For 27 years, President Karen Glauber has been an integral member of the HITS team and part of our family—and her writing has been key to our collective voice ever since she came aboard. A leader in the music community, Karen has taught us a lot about gender politics in the industry. In light of recent events at Epic, we wanted to share her perspective. – Lavinthal and Beer

A white pantsuit is the first thing I see in my closet every morning—it’s a glaring reminder of how naïve I was to believe that gender bias couldn’t possibly be the deterrent it once was, and that the most qualified candidate, a woman, would be elected President. Ever since last November, not much surprises me.

When I heard about L.A. Reid’s dismissal from EpicRecords, I mentally added the subtext “for cause” in the cryptic notice from Sony: “L.A. Reid will be leaving the company.” But I’ll admit I was surprised.

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