The Implications of Neuralink

Oh great.  The most insane part of this post from Start Up Grind is that they are not joking and there is no sense of irony whatsoever, but then who can forget Paul Buchheit’s bizarre and literal request for startups to “Kill Hollywood”.   (We all have him to thank for Gmail.) We have so much to be grateful to Elon Musk for in case you haven’t realized that yet.  “All-hail-Elon”.  Yep, they really said that.  Attention Mike Godwin….

What is Neuralink?

Neuralink is a new venture by all-hail-Elon that aims to create a high-bandwidth brain-machine interface, or BMI. BMIs act as the interface between ones brain and a computer, and have been in development for many years now. Elon aims to do for the BMI industry as he’s doing for the aerospace and electric car industries: Creating innovations in technology that ignite the market and bring world-advancing technologies into being far faster than originally thought possible….

The future of Netflix is fascinating. One of the insanely mind-bending ideas is that you could download books and recall facts without ever reading them. Let’s imagine this is true for video content as well. That has huge implications for Netflix.

At first, Netflix would prosper. As a technology-forward and exhaustive platform for video content, millions of Neuralink users would download their favorite shows and enjoy comprehensive understanding of every story.

Unfortunately, that moment of excitement is also the death knell of movies and TV as we know them. Imagine what the world looks like when you and everyone you know knows everything there is to know and interpret about a piece of art. Would you ever actually watch it? What does the conversation become? How engaging can a list of happenings and facts really be? Unfortunately, the democratization of facts and information could lead to the death of art and artistic interpretation.

So much of what makes Netflix great, like visual storytelling and suspense [aka movies], will be lost on the download-it-all generation.

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