From the You Can’t Make This Up Department: Royalty Deadbeat Facebook Hires YouTuber to Handle Facebook’s Nonexistent Music Licensing

According to Andrew Flannigan on NPR:

Facebook plans on giving [paying artists and songwriters for their labor] a college try, having hired Tamara Hrivnak away from YouTube, where she was the video giant’s director of music partnerships. Hrivnak, who was also an executive at Warner Music Group [right–7 years ago] before joining YouTube [for what must have been the big bucks], will be using her extensive contact list [because the music industry just loves YouTube so much] to mediate Facebook’s goals around music with the many, many wishes of the industry which controls the rights to that music [starting with getting a license for something]. As Music Ally points out, publishers — those in charge of administrating songwriters’ work — have been asking the social network to strike deals for months.

“I’m joining Facebook to lead global music strategy and business development. This is a new adventure for me and I look forward to deepening Facebook’s relationship with the music industry [you mean, look forward to continuing to stiff artists and songwriters Facebook style or YouTube style?].

Music is important and it matters — it connects and binds us to times, places, feelings and friends. My career has been dedicated to growing opportunities for music in the digital landscape. Facebook is all about making the world more open and connected and music can play an important role — I’m excited to join that effort.”

Facebook pointed to Hrivnak’s post when asked for clarification on her role.

What did she say exactly in that nothing burger?