@starfire2258: Is Facebook secretly building a phone [in Building 8]?

On a cloudy day this May, in the dull fluorescent light of a plain white Google conference room, Rafa Camargo, Richard Wooldridge and Blaise Bertrand told CNET their plan to disrupt the phone market.

Ara, a Lego-like  phone with modular parts, would let buyers snap on a better camera, additional batteries or any other creative hardware a developer might dream up. It was set to be the first phone entirely designed by Google, the three men claimed.

Then the Ara project was  abruptly shelved.

But now, all three of those men work for  Building 8 — a secretive new division of Facebook. There, they’ve been joined by an impressive list of heavy hitters that reads like a who’s who of the tech world: Motorola, Tesla, Apple and Amazon, in addition to that contingent of Google ex-pats.

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