@edchristman: Commercial Radio Group Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Irving Azoff’s Global Music Rights

[Editor Charlie sez: The multibillion radio industry wants the government to protect them from songwriters!]

With ASCAP and BMI still under unaltered consent decrees and SESAC agreeing to rate-setting arbitration in a 2015 settlement, the Radio Music Licensing Committee (RMLC) [aka the corrupt National Association of Broadcasters] is going for the grand slam with an antitrust lawsuit against boutique performance rights organization Global Music Rights.  [Because songwriters cannot escape.]

According to an announcement from the RMLC, the suit against the organization begun by Irving Azoff and headed by Randy Grimmett was filed in the U.S. Eastern District of Pennsylvania Court by the law firm of Watham & Watkins. RMLC charges that Global Music Rights has created an artificial monopoly over works in its repertoire. In order to avoid monopoly pricing, the complaint seeks injunctive relief for Global Music Rights to submit to a judicial rate-setting procedure like the one imposed by the consent decrees governing ASCAP and BMI.

Read the post on Billboard.

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