@GazTheJourno: Brexit judgment could be hit for six by those crazy Supreme Court judges, says barrister

[It’s not Manny, Moe and Jack…really.]


Interview Britain’s exit from the European Union could be guaranteed by the Supreme Court if the government has the cojones to appeal Thursday’s Brexit-bashing Divisional Court verdict, says barrister Greg Callus.

Speaking after the verdict was handed down in the case against the government, Callus told The Register that although the 23 June referendum’s outcome is not legally binding, the Supreme Court has very wide-ranging powers to create new law as well as confirm readings of the existing law.

“The thing is, this is such an important case the Supreme Court could say ‘we’ll have to have it even though there are no arguable grounds’ and the Supreme Court is the Supreme Court,” said Callus, perhaps slightly tongue-in-cheek as he echoed the infamous “Brexit means Brexit” non-saying.

“It’s not bound by the arguments the parties put forward,” continued Callus, of media and entertainment law practice 5RB.

“The Supreme Court could say, ‘Here are new grounds you’ve not seen before and that none of you have ever thought of; this is the law.’ I’m sure they would ground it in something but they are free from control in the Supreme Court; they decide.”

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