@mixerman: We’re All Hobbyists Now

These days, more than ever before in the music business, it isn’t enough to just produce a great record. You have to sell it too. And while I’m wholly comfortable with internet self-promotion, I must admit, I do find myself a little out of my element. Which is why I come to you, the community, for help. There are so many options available for delivering and distributing music, and things are changing so rapidly on that front, I have to wonder how anyone can keep up.

As many of you know, I’ve released a new satire on the music business called #Mixerman and the Billionheir Apparentwhich is currently available as both a hardbound book and a fully produced audiobook–complete with ensemble cast, leitmotifs, music, foley, and even sound FX. In it, I illuminate precisely why it’s nearly impossible for a wholly independent artist to break in music these days. I even go so far as to provide solutions. For the now, we must all face the realities of the music business as they currently exist.

Read the post on Mixerman.net

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