@richardjburgess: O.P.I.P. Yeah You Know – Free? [A2IM CEO Richard James Burgess]

Recording artists, songwriters, musicians, publishers, and labels are under siege. Music is catnip for consumers and the use of O.P.I.P. (to paraphrase Naughty by Nature: ‘Other People’s Intellectual Property’), transforms creators into dystopic battery farms feeding the “The Matrix” Machine.

They call it “Content.” They use it as bait to get information. From our perspective, recorded music is the result of hopes, dreams, personal sacrifice, and significant investments of time and money. However, in flagrant disregard of that, we have scalable distribution systems worth exponentially more than the annual gross of all the (non-scalable) creative works they deliver. Clever as they are, these systems are worthless without creative works.

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