YouTube Censors “YouTube Star” Who Google Invited to Interview European Commission President

As reported by Reuters:

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, 61, gave a series of live interviews on YouTube last Thursday to young social media celebrities, including French vlogger Laetitia Birbes, aiming to counter an image of Brussels bureaucrats as stuffy and out of touch.

But Birbes accused a YouTube employee of threatening her career on Google’s online video platform if she asked tough questions

The European commission has said Jean-Claude Juncker needed no protection from awkward questions after a video blogger accused a staffer at YouTube of trying to censor her questions to the EU chief executive.

According to the YouTuber, “YouTube’s idea was to do in Europe what they’re already doing in the U.S. with President Barack Obama.”

“They expected me to put really easy questions,” she said in a video posted on Sunday. “It was all meant as a big advert for Juncker.”

And lest we in the US forget, the European Commission has three…count ’em, three…antitrust actions against Google that could result in a forfeiture of billions if Google loses even one of them.

She included a[n undercover] video clip appearing to show a man in a YouTube T-shirt telling her before the interview that she should not “alienate” the commission and YouTube – “unless you don’t plan on lasting long on YouTube”.

You know–some artists are more trouble than they’re worth.

Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.

The subtitled video in full: