FTC Watch Day 1: FTC To Participate in Twitter Chat But No Google Prosecution

FTC to Participate in CDC Twitter Chat on Healthy Contact Lens Wear and Care

The Federal Trade Commission will participate in a Twitter chat hosted by the Centers for Disease Control. The chat will include tips about healthy contact lens wear and care habits. The FTC will explain consumers’ rights under the Contact Lens Rule, including the right to get your prescription from your eye doctor – whether you ask for it or not – at no extra charge.

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Will FCC Allow Competition to Google’s & Facebook’s Advertising Monopolies?

Why is the FCC protecting and facilitating online advertising monopolies?

How can the FCC square its “competition, competition, competition” PR mantra with its regulatory plans for applying new anticompetitive privacy rules only on ISPs and not the “edge” online advertising monopolies — Google and Facebook?

Simply as it relates to online advertising, the FCC’s new proposed Title II privacy rules would require ISPs with existing advertising businesses, or those planning to enter, compete, and grow in the online advertising market, to be subject to a new and special, privacy opt-in,consumer-consent framework where they alone in the marketplace would have to secure users’ advanced permission to use a majority of their data for advertising purposes.

That is the exact opposite privacy consent framework under which ISPs have operated for over a decade, and under which all non-ISP online advertisers, including Google and Facebook, have always operated since the Internet’s inception — i.e. under the FTC’s economy-wide, consumer opt-out, privacy-framework that facilitates the standard online advertising model of sharing one’s data in return for free content and services.

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