Paul Resnikoff: Seized by the Feds. Google Points to a Clone…Whose Side Is Google On?

People are going to drink.  You know it, I know it.
All I do is act on that.  And all this talk of “bootlegging…”
On the boat, it’s bootlegging, on Lake Shore Drive, it’s hospitality.
I’m just a businessman.

From The Untouchables, written by David Mamet.

On July 20th, the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, as well as the IRS, jointly seized and shut down Kickasstorrents, the largest torrent site in the world (that is, until last week).  The abrupt shutdown also involved a number of other Kickasstorrents (or ‘KAT’) domains, with a number of domain name registrars complying with federal orders to snip access to the site.

Those takedowns followed a multi-year war between the Pirate Bay and Hollywood, though just like the Pirate Bay, a number of copycat KAT clones quickly started popping up.  Since July 20th, the main site has looked like this, leaving a massive void for imitators.

But that main result is now totally wiped from Google’s results page, replaced by Kickasstorrents clone  And Google isn’t just returning that results to detailed queries searching for clones.  Rather, this is the top result for a generic search for ‘kickasstorrents’.  Easy!

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