@aimporg: Indie Publishers Say DOJ Ignores Domestic and International Implications of 100% Licensing


The Association Of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) is extremely disappointed with the DOJ’s official announcement yesterday regarding their decision on no changes being allowed to the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees and the enforcement of 100% licensing as opposed to fractional licensing which has always been the norm.

Once again, the DOJ has failed to take into consideration the innumerable comments from not only songwriters and music publishers (and their representative organizations) but also our own Copyright Office.

We fully support all legal and legislative efforts announced yesterday to be undertaken by BMI and ASCAP to protect our fellow publishers as well as all songwriters and composers.  The DOJ has inserted themselves into our business where they don’t belong and it has both domestic and international ramifications.

As stated in our previous July 12th joint statement with the CMPA and A2IM, 100% licensing is 100% wrong.

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