@natjarv: Layoffs Hit Maker Studios, Home of PewDiePie and Other YouTube Stars

Maker Studios is conducting a round of layoffs, the company confirmed Thursday to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s unclear exactly where the cuts have occurred, but a source says that less than 30 people were impacted by the layoffs.

A spokeswoman for the digital media firm declined to comment on how many people were let go but provided the following statement: “Maker Studios’ business is constantly evolving and after careful thought, we have decided to make some strategic adjustments — reducing staff in some areas while still actively hiring in others — to best align with the go-forward strategy of the company.” Disney’s job page for Maker currently lists six open positions attached to Maker.

Disney acquired Maker, a network of thousands of YouTube stars that also produces original digital content, in 2014. The final payout for the company could have been as high as $950 million but it fell short of that figure, coming in at a final price tag of $675 million.

Read the post on Billboard.

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