@austinmonitor: Music Commission recommends new policies to rescue Austin’s music industry

Following the path set by recommendations in the ground-breaking Austin Music Census created by Titan Music Group and commissioned by the Austin Music Office, the City of Austin now sets about implementation.

Austin’s music industry is hoping for a new era of cooperation with city government, and the Music and Creative Ecosystem Recommendations are meant to kick-start these long-awaited changes.

At a special meeting of the city’s Music Commission on July 12, a packed room of music industry professionals and city officials came together for their last discussion of a set of new city policies meant to rescue Austin’s flailing music industry. Last March, City Council passed the Austin Music and Creative Ecosystem Omnibus Resolution, which put the music industry at the top of its agenda.

Council gave its staff 90 days to come up with a set of policies to address problems, such as a lack of affordable housing for artists and the closure of popular music venues, that have been pushing musicians out of Austin. After months of discussion, the commission put its stamp of approval on the staff’s newly released plan, voting unanimously to recommend that Council adopt the policies.

“We’re aware that what we’re doing tonight as a Music Commission could be transformative, or leave many in the music community untouched,” said Chair Gavin Garcia. “The mayor and (City Council) are aware of the challenges we face, and that urgency is warranted.”

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