@stuartdredge: Seven things we’ve learned from the first year of Apple Music

Another insightful article from Stuart Dredge!

So what have we learned from Apple Music’s first 12 months, and how it it likely to evolve in the coming year – and beyond?

1) You don’t need a free tier to get people to pay

Apple’s main rival Spotify has always argued that its free service is a great way to persuade people to upgrade to a £9.99 monthly subscription. It has 30 million subscribers as evidence,. But by growing to 15 million subscribers in a year with no permanent free tier, just a three-month free trial, Apple Music has shown there’s an alternative way.

The assumption in the music industry that people needed at least six months using a free streaming service before they’d consider paying for it seems to have been wrong.

That may show the power of Apple’s brand – plus its ability to preload Apple Music on every iPhone and iPad with that free trial – rather than the sheer quality of its service. Still the speed of adoption is impressive.

And $350 million of infringement claims.  

Photograph: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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