@MONBMI: BMI CEO’s Message on DOJ Overreach


Dear BMI Member,

You may have seen the news today about the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) proposal regarding BMI and ASCAP’s respective consent decrees.  After almost three years of deliberation, the DOJ is recommending no changes to the current decrees.  It has instead determined that BMI and ASCAP must follow a 100% licensing model, a practice that has never been the industry standard and presents multiple challenges to the industry and our songwriting and composing community.

Please know that while we will continue to make every effort to reach a mutually-agreeable solution with the DOJ, their proposal is not the final say in this matter. Our core mission to protect the value of your music and creative freedom will be top of mind as we carefully evaluate our options.

As you can imagine, we are disappointed with the DOJ’s recommendation, but while we continue to work though these issues, nothing will change in terms of your BMI affiliation. You remain a member of the BMI family and you will continue to receive your distributions as you always have.

We also understand that you will likely have many questions.  We will make every effort to provide answers and updates in order to assuage any concerns you may have.  We encourage you to check back with us for new information as it becomes available.

BMI has been protecting the value of your creative work for 76 years and we have no intention of stopping that any time soon.

Mike O’Neill
President & CEO