@thecsusa Texas Chapter June 30 in Austin: Creditors & Copyright Seminar

The Texas Chapter of the Copyright Society is presenting “Creditors & Copyright: Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy & Related Issues” on June 30 at noon in the Jackson Walker offices.

This sounds like a dry topic, but it’s actually important for creators and their representatives to have a working understanding of what happens when a digital service, record company or music publisher fails while owing artists and songwriters what may be millions in unpaid royalties.

Remember that artists and songwriters are getting completely screwed in the Rdio bankruptcy. Remember that Austin artists launched a major fight led by Guy Forsyth and Don Walser’s heirs against a local label that declared bankruptcy to keep from paying royalties they owed. Bankruptcy and copyright is an important topic for creators and their representatives.

When: June 30, 2016
12:00 – 1:30pm
Where: Jackson Walker LLP
100 Congress Avenue
Suite 1100
Austin, Texas  78701
United States
Contact: Emilio B. Nicolas

Register here for the panel (use Firefox)


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