@irvingazoff: “How can labels renew YT deals with so much artist pressure?”

For context–it is widely rumored that all the major labels are in the middle of renegotiations with YouTube.  In the past, the labels and publishers have taken a big advance and looked the other way.

The founder of the astroturf-ish Internet Creators Guild asked why labels keep taking YouTube’s money if they think YouTube is so awful.

Good point, maybe they won’t.  Based on artist reaction, Irving Azoff questions whether labels and publishers will refuse to renew licenses without significant change.


Irivng Azoff has been beyond vehement about rallying artists together to take a stand against Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and, therefore, YouTube; click here for more on that. As support for the cause continues to grow (Bruce Springsteen and Bruno Mars just jumped on board), he’s lunged fully into an epic rant on Twitter.

Scroll down to see his tweets in descending order.

Read the post in the Rumor Mill on Hits Daily Double.

Read companion post on MusicTechPolicy: “What If YouTube Licenses Went Away?  Will Artist and Songwriter Opposition to YouTube Make it Easier for Labels and Publishers to Step Away from Licensing?”


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