@joan_e: (So much for “conversion”) Apple Music Hits 15 Million Subscribers

Remember the Spotify theory of how advertising supported “free” music was going to convince users to pay for something they could otherwise get for free?  (We’ve seen no evidence presented on this, by the way.)  Remember all the absurd analogies to drug dealers giving a “taste” for free to get you “hooked”?  (Only someone who knows nothing about addiction would say such a thing.)

Turns out–maybe what’s more important than free music is having a billing relationship with 500,000,000 people and a great relationship with artists.  Spotify has an unverified 30 million subscribers after 6 years, Apple has half that in less than one year.   And Apple has no ad supported service.

Apple Music has hit 15 million subscribers less than one year after launch, half the number of bigger rival Spotify.

Apple executive Eddy Cue announced the new number as the company introduced a redesign of the subscription music service “from the ground up,” he said during a keynote address at the gadget maker’s developers conference, known as WWDC.

Read the post on CNET.


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