@musicbizworld: MMF Confirms Google is an MMF Sponsor

Google themselves are actually an MMF associate. Does that not compromise your position?

Some people point out that the MMF receives money from Google, and we do. We also have received money from the three major labels and our other associates.

But only Google is committed to commoditizing everything it touches.

Read the interview with head of MMF on Music Business Worldwide.

Read “Google the Destroyer” by Jim De Long:

Google is in a different position. Its major complements already exist, and it need not worry in the short term about continuing the flow. For content, we have decades of music and movies that can be digitized and then distributed, with advertising attached. A wealth of other works await digitizing – books, maps, visual arts, and so on. If these run out, Google and other Internet companies have hit on the concept of user-generated content and social networks, in which the users are sold to each other, with yet more advertising attached.

So, on the whole, Google can continue to do well even if leaves providers of is complements gasping like fish on a beach.