@andreworlowski: Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you’ll be glad when it does

Oracle will ultimately prevail in its Java copyright lawsuit against Google. And if you’re a free software developer or supporter, you should be cheering them all the way to the wire.

Blogger John Gruber last week observed that virtually no one is rooting for Big Red. This is really quite astonishing. That’s because Google has been deploying the “cuttlefish strategy,” which it uses when it’s threatened – spraying ink into the water so no one can really see what’s going on. It’s really, really good at this, and it has never used the strategy so well as here.

Google threw out so many diversions and red herrings that free and open-source software (FOSS) supporters were even cheering for a verdict that kicks away the legal basis for open source and free software. In the eyes of the “civil society” NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and compliant academics (many of whom are funded by Google), and backed by a chorus of bloggers and tech journalists who prefer a simplified, cartoon view of the world, the story was indeed simple. In their eyes, the good guys won, and that’s all there was to the case.

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