@SoundExchange to Appeal Web IV Ruling

SoundExchange is appealing the “Web IV” decision by the Copyright Royalty Board.  The Web IV decision handed a huge victory to Pandora and iHeart Media by manipulating contract terms into industry-wide rates while ignoring the payola terms of those contracts.  Then the Copyright Royalty Board froze artist royalties at those absurd rates for five years.

SoundExchange says:

SoundExchange Statement on Web IV Appeal

May 31, 2016

SoundExchange believes, respectfully, that the webcasting rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) in the Web IV proceedings do not reflect a fair market price for music and will erode the value of music in our economy. We are therefore moving forward with an appeal to the decision.

This is a lengthy, deliberate process and we are our unwavering in our position that all creators deserve fair compensation each and every time their music is used on any platform. We look forward to making our arguments on behalf of artists and record labels to the D.C. Circuit.

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