@musicbizworld: Spotify must watch its spending if it wants sympathy from the music biz

But Spotify doesn’t pay songwriters…

At Napster’s piracy era height, 80m monthly users were swarming towards its platform.

It must have been particularly momentous for Sean Parker, then, to see Spotify surpass this milestone last year.

At the end of 2015, Spotify boasted 89m active users – 28m (or 31.5%) of which were paying customers.

Daniel Ek’s promise to take the scalp of illegal downloading has come good.  [That’s obviously not true.]

However, Spotify’s annual salary bill hit $173m (€155.3m) in 2015, meaning its average employee was paid more than $107,000 a year.

That was 13% up on the same figure in 2014, and around 50% bigger than the last-stated average yearly wage at SoundCloud.

Add in related expenses such as social security, pensions and share-based compensation, and Spotify spent $271m (€243.4m) on personnel last year – a jump of 35% on 2014.

Gulp: that works out at an annual cost of more than $168,000 per employee.

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