@thetrickness: Most Music Tech Startups Don’t Know Shit About How Labels Work – A Response To David Pakman

A thoughtful response to David Pakman (call sign “One Trick Pony”) by Jim McDermott.  David’s post is “The Music Industry Buried More Than 150 Startups” which is something of a summary of David’s various public statements and Congressional testimony over the last 10 years or so.

David you’re one of the smartest guys on the block, and I have massive respect for your opinions, but in this case you’ve left out one very important question: Why? Why did the labels “bury” so many digital music startups?

Perhaps it is because most of these startups did either not know or not care about how the music business worked, and were more interested in a big IPO and payday for themselves and their investors than building sustainable businesses.

Read the post on Hypebot.


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