@musicbizworld: Google’s Role in Music Piracy is Much Larger than It Appears

Fred Von Lohmann, don’t look in the mirror!


Search is not the primary problem – all traffic from major search engines accounts for less than 16% of traffic to sites like The Pirate Bay.”  

That’s what a Google spokesperson told MBW earlier this year. So the tech giant will be pleased to hear that a credible new report completely backs it up.

MUSO’s in-depth Global Piracy Report reveals the amount of music-related traffic which hit piracy platforms in 2015 –and exactly where it came from.

One positive takeaway for Google: MUSO estimates that just 14.2% of the world’s 9.65bn total music-related visits to torrent sites last year came via search engines.

Nearly 65% of these visits actually arrived direct.

So why that dramatic headline?

To answer this question properly, first you’re going to have to scrub from your mind most traditional thinking about music piracy.

Because it turns out that torrenting – including the shadowy forces of The Pirate Bayand Kick-Ass Torrents – aren’t actually the music business’s biggest enemy anymore.

Meet the new boss.

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