Too Big to Sue: Why Getty Images Isn’t Pursuing a Copyright Case Against Google in the U.S.

Getty Images announced three weeks ago that they had filed an unfair competition complaint against Google Inc. in Europe, where a commission is scrutinizing Google’s business practices. The complaint addressed Google image search, which displays large-format images in search results. Google changed its image search platform to display large images, rather than just thumbnails, in 2013, and Getty says they’ve seen their referrals from Google search plummet as a result.

Despite feeling that Google Images is violating their rights, those of their contributing photographers, and those of their customers, who pay to license and display images, Getty has chosen not to sue Google in the U.S. courts. PDN reached out to Getty Images to ask why not. Getty Images General Counsel Yoko Miyashita and VP, General Counsel Lisa Willmer explained Getty’s position during a conference call with PDN that also included Getty Communications Manager Kelly Goucher. Here’s what they said:

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