Editor Charlie Says Maria Schneider Post Found An Audience

Editor Charlie had high praise for the way Maria Schneider’s message about YouTube is resonating.  Her “Open Letter to YouTube: Pushers of Piracy” post on MusicTechPolicy has found an audience.  (Full disclosure, the taciturn Charlie also looks after Artist Rights Watch.)

Charlie said that the post ticked over 10,000 views “almost immediately after it posted on Sunday afternoon, which is always confirmation that a post is going somewhere.  Maria has a very articulate and well-reasoned argument about what’s wrong with YouTube and how it could change for the better that hits our readers in that sweet spot between despair and hope.  Maria’s galvanizing post was immediately embraced by a number of online communities, including The Trichordist, #irespectmusic, Music/REDEF and of course a huge number of awesome fans on Twitter and Facebook who love Maria and her message.  The post had over 2,000 Facebook shares in less than 48 hours.”

As of yesterday, both Digital Music News and Hypebot had republished the post less than 48 hours after it first went live on MTP, and it even showed up as a news story on RAIN, Music Week, Torrentfreak and Slashdot.  Charlie says that these news outlets will be picked up by search engine news services (like News.Google) that “refuse to carry MTP.”

Charlie summed it up.  “When a compelling artist has something to say, you have to get out of the way and let them say it.  The audience is out there.”

More good things to come.