@LegrandNetwork: Artists press Congress to pass the Fair Play Fair Pay Act

America is one of the only countries in the world that does not pay artists for the analog public performance of recordings.  This means that radio doesn’t pay artists.  All those times radio played Aretha Franklin’s “RESPECT”?  Not a penny to the artist.

This is what the #irespectmusic petition campaign is all about, so don’t forget to sign the petition!

MusicFirst is another leader in the struggle and organized a great event in DC this week as reported by Emmanuel Legrand in MusicWeek

Over 40 artists from all music genres and generations — including T Bone Burnett, Rosanne Cash and Four Tops’ Duke Fakir — took over Capitol Hill yesterday (May 11) in Washington, DC for Fair Play Fair Pay Day to gain support for a legislation that would introduce for the first time performance rights for sound recordings on terrestrial radio.
“The first amendment gives us the freedom of speech and also says that all Americans have the right to petition the government for addressing grievances,” said songwriter, performer and producer T Bone Burnett during a press conference held in one of the Congress buildings. “That’s why were are here today, as creators and artists petitioning our government demanding changes in our music economy that is not working something that is not working, petitioning this Congress to step up and update these obsolete laws that have made such chaos on the business side of music.”
What is not working, according to artists present is the absence in US copyright law of a remuneration for artists, musicians and record labels when radio station play music over terrestrial networks. The artists also pressed Congress to “fix” the safe harbours provisions in the 1998 DMCA legislation.
Big shout out to David Poe, who joined the group in DC.
david poe DC
And of course artists are up against formidable opponents.  Google is at the forefront of trying to stop artist pay for radio play through the MIC Coalition, their astroturf front group alliance with Pandora, the National Association of Broadcasters among others including the Consumer Electronics Association.
MIC Coaltion 8-15
The CEA also backs Fight for the Future that pulled the stunt of spamming the Copyright Office during public comments on the Copyright Office DMCA study.