The Future of What: Revisiting the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Portia Sabin’s awesome podcast series “The Future of What” brings a discussion of important topics in the music business, from David Lowery’s and Melissa Ferrick’s groundbreaking class actions against Spotify for failing to license or pay mechanical royalties to this week’s topic:  The absurdly porous “notice and takedown” process in the DMCA.

In 2016, the internet has become a place where anyone can easily access media. Whether they’re paying for a digital copy or streaming it for free on YouTube, consumers can find almost any album or song online. Googling Drake or Beyonce’s new album, for instance, will come up with millions of results, many of them unofficial free streams. The process for removing files that infringe on an artist’s copyright is lengthy and often fruitless. Google has fielded over 500 million take down requests, yet most rights holders don’t even have the resources to combat the problem.

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