Nelly Furtado Joins Chorus of Artists Protesting Crappy YouTube Royalties

Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.  How’s that FAC investment working for you now, Uncle Sugar?

Nelly Furtado writes in The Guardian where you can read the rest of this excellent post:

I am a Canadian singer-songwriter and independent artist. I have been following the news about YouTube’s debate with Sixx:AM (Nikki Sixx’s band) and Debbie Harry. I applaud Katy Perry and the rest of the artists who have begun their petition on the issues. I am educating myself about the arguments and have found that there is certainly a lack of transparency and a lot of spin going on. I want to outline a handful of issues I’ve found, because I have realised that this stuff matters, and if creators don’t fight for what’s right, who will?